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     Groveton Ambulance is a municipal service in the northern New Hampshire town of Northumberland (a.k.a. Groveton). A town located on the Connecticut River bordering the State of Vermont, and about an hours drive from Canada. We currently have a  full-time EMS Chief, Jim Gibson EMT-I85 and a part time Deputy EMS Chief, Sam Oakes AEMT . We have approximately 30 dedicated volunteer members. Groveton Ambulance is a member of NH EMS District A-3, also VT EMS District 5.

     Our main objectives are:  To provide quality emergency medical services to the Town of Northumberland, along with the surrounding towns that we contract with. Currently we are contracted to provide services in New Hampshire to the towns of Stark and Stratford,and in Vermont the towns of Maidstone, Brunswick and Bloomfield.   To provide mutual aid service to other surrounding areas when requested.  Groveton Ambulance assists our surrounding EMS agencies in anyway possible.   To educate the community in EMS practices, CPR/First Aid, and general health and safety practices. In doing this, we have a CPR class every other month which is free to the community; we provide a program at the area schools annually, and other various activities.   To provide other community services.  In doing this, we provide ambulance services at community events, we organize and volunteer at the Red Cross Blood Drives, we do health screenings at community events, we hand out glow in the dark accessories to the children during trick-or-treating annually, and many other activities.

     Towns we cover: Northumberland, population approx. 2,410, area 36.7 square miles.  Stratford, population approx. 930, area 79.9 square miles. Stark, population approx. 510, area 59.2 square miles. We also cover  Brunswick, Bloomfield and Maidstone VT, year round minimum population of approx. 110, with an area of 32.13 square miles. Maidstone is the home of Maidstone Lake and Maidstone State Park. Surrounding the 750 acre lake are summer homes and camps, along with a few year-round residences.

     In order to fund our activities and training classes and purchase equipment required, we hold various fund raisers from time to time.We really appreciate all of the support we receive from our community and promise to work hard to continue to meet our objectives.


Emergency Services Building  GPS Coordinates N44 35.851 W71 30.763.  Elevation 885 Ft above sea level.